June 2017 Statistics

Written by on July 1, 2017


This report marks the second monthly Strictly House statistics report, and is put together for our DJs and fans. The main purpose of this monthly report is to show transparency in our radio / web presence, as well as for motivational purposes. To highlight our strengths and weaknesses, where we can leverage our situation, and what areas we need to work on.

Referring to the May-17 Statistics report, our main objectives this month were to have the site finalised, hopefully having the Strictly House featured podcasts also finished. Further work has been done to the site, and it’s starting to become the finished article.

June-2017 Highlights:

  • Three Strictly House Features nights, highlighting
    • MDW & Raul Soto
    • Ross Couch
    • Of Norway
  • The first Strictly House Podcast uploaded for MDW & Raul Soto
  • Over 100% growth in followers on the Strictly House Facebook page
  • Nearly 300% growth in members on the Strictly House Network group
  • A huge increase in listeners on the live channel
  • 30% increase in website traffic


Radio Listening Statistics

These stats represent the period of 1st June to 30th June of the listening figures for Strictly House, comparing them to the last month of 247House. There are intentions to add two further radio channels for Classic House and Techno in the near future.

The live channel performed exceptionally well in June, with nearly a 25% increase in listening hours. A total of 75,291 hours were streamed on the live channel, 123.935, across all stations


Total Listening Hours 59,433 75,291
Total Sessions 157,850 236,597
Unique Listeners 36,396 41,824
Average listeners 79.88 101.20
Total Listening Hours 22,279 15,574
Total Sessions 42,301 37,472
Unique Listeners 12,710 10,726
Average listeners 29.94 20.93
Total Listening Hours 12,331 11,723
Total Sessions 35,055 34,358
Unique Listeners 9,622 7,966
Average listeners 16.57 15.76
Total Listening Hours 16,815 21,347
Total Sessions 44,733 69,908
Unique Listeners 7,009 10,128
Average listeners 22.60 28.69
Total Listening Hours 110,858 123,935
Total Sessions  279,939 378,335
Unique Listeners  65,737 70,644
Average listeners 149.00 166.58


Website Traffic (Google Analytics)

Website Sessions (monthly)  May (247House)  June
Total 1,393 2,236
Individual Users 883 1,149

30% increase in individual users for the month of June, but the figures show that the same users are using the site much much more than previously with 2,236 web sessions.


Social & Media Networks

Social media is a concern, it looks rather week and will be an area of focus ahead.

Facebook Page 148 304
Facebook Group 369 1,139
Twitter Page 3,740 3,752
Soundcloud 536 541
Instagram 218 221

Particular focus had been made this month on Facebook – with the page and the group, excellent growth on parts. No work had been done on Twitter / Soundcloud / Instagram. More attention will be placed here going forward.


July 2017 Objectives

Now that the website is finally taking shape, focus should now be spent on other social network avenues, such as Twitter / Soundcloud and Instagram. More podcasts are required for the website, we may look at allowing our own DJs to add mixes to the site themselves. finally, we may look at SEO aspects of the website, in order to capture more organic traffic from Google.

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