May 2017 Statistics

Written by on June 3, 2017


This report marks the first monthly Strictly House statistics report, and is put together for our DJs and fans. The main purpose of this monthly report is to show transparency in our radio / web presence, as well as for motivational purposes.


Radio Listening Statistics

These stats represent the period of 1st May to 31st May of the listening figures for 247House. There are intentions to add two further radio channels for Classic House and Techno in the near future.

Overall, listening figures are decent with an average 79.88 listeners on the live channel.


Total Listening Hours 59,433
Total Sessions 157,850
Unique Listeners 36,396
Average listeners 79.88
Total Listening Hours 22,279
Total Sessions 42,301
Unique Listeners 12,710
Average listeners 29.94
Total Listening Hours 12,331
Total Sessions 35,055
Unique Listeners 9,622
Average listeners 16.57
Total Listening Hours 16,815
Total Sessions 44,733
Unique Listeners 7,009
Average listeners 22.60
Total Listening Hours 110,858
Total Sessions  279,939
Unique Listeners  65,737
Average listeners 149.00


 Website Traffic (Google Analytics)

An average of 46.43 users per day for the (247House) website. More must be done for the Strictly House website going forward.

Website Sessions (monthly)
Total 1,393
Users 883


Social & Media Networks

Social media is a concern, it looks rather week and will be an area of focus ahead.

Facebook Page 148
Facebook Group 369
Twitter Page 3,740
Soundcloud 536
Instagram 218


June 2017 Objectives

Following an influx of new staff from Twisted Vintage and the rebranding from 247House, there is much administrative work in bringing the new site up to speed. Profiles, scheduling and various web development related tasks. Focus for the next month will be placed on having the site design and infrastructure “finalised”, with possibly the launch of the #StrictlyHouseSessions – a new downloadable podcast from the StrictlyHouse team.


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