Josh Holiday

“Dj is what I do, an artist is what I am” – Josh Wink said it best.

Josh Holiday is from Philadelphia USA and got into this music attending raves since 1993. Early on like most, Josh Holiday discovered the art of being a DJ, although his heart was always in producing, but literally there was no info on it at that time.

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”

Yeah I love swing such artists as Dubfire, Kink, & others 🙂

Josh Holiday DJs for the same reason we all do, We Love It !!!

Josh Holiday Live at Lit Ultra Bar

For over 20 years music has been a big part of Josh Holiday’s life. Beginning DJ’ing at the age 16 or so, he held his first residency down the NJ shore at the age of 18. Soon after that, he enrolled in Music Business at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

After graduating, Josh signed with Local 13 productions and Shampoo Night Club. During which time he performed up and down the east coast at some of the largest events. These would include Whistle 2-3-4, I have a dream 1 + 2 (NYC), and appearances at WMC. Also a veteran artist and producer this year celebrating his first release on Kult Records. His passion for music and the scene continues to be the foundation on which his music is built upon.


An Interview With Josh Holiday

How did you get into DJ’ing?

I got into DJ’ing, just after one to my first rave yes real rave. You see the DJ booth was raised and I did not even know there was a dj. It was not until my 2nd party that I realised and saw what they are doing, just after that the skate shop I used to go to turned into 611 records. And that how I got into DJ’ing, honestly I wanted to produce more but no Internet or nothing and no one will to tell me. DJ’ing was all I could do so that was it.

What DJ’s influenced you the most? Why?

Back in the day on the east coast, Frankie Bones, Osheen, Scott Henry, Feel Good, Joeski, and many others rocked for us back then and it awesome

What DJ setup do you have at home?

I have 2 CDJ 2000 Nexus, Pioneer DJM 850, Two X1 MK2s, Mac Book Pro and finally two Pioneer SX6 monitors

If you play out, what kit do you prefer to use?

I prefer to use Traktor, with CDJs etc, but will use just about anything that is available, vinyl etc.

What is your ideal set length?

My ideal set length is about 3 to 4 hours, after doing the radio show with 247 for over a year, 2 hours just gets me going. Kinda like Danny Tenaglia is known for his long sets

1 track in your genre guaranteed to get the dance floor going

This remix I have that Solomun just did, is unreal. Queen Of Europe Feat. Anne Lise Frøkedal (Solomun Remix)

1 piece of advice for an aspiring DJ

For other DJs, it’s about finding yourself musically and then being creative to find your own way of playing. DJ’ing is just not about playing song 1 and fading into 2. There is much more creativity that is involved now because of technology so its really 2 fold. But just try to be urself and unique and creative

What is the worst trait in current Dance Music?

The worst trait in dance music, is closed mindedness. I have realised that people who make and play music are very special. It takes a very special person to do this. I will never talk bad about any other dj or producer, music is a journey. What you are listening to today, will not be where you are at 3 years from now. I think there has to be more respect and understanding between djs and artists

Best Club DJ set you have ever experienced

One that stands out is seeing Jeff Mills play at Avalon the old limelight in New York. He played live on 3 decks it was a spiritual experience.

Should laptops be allowed in the DJ booth?

Yes laptops should be allowed in the DJ booth. unless you want to tell Richie Hawtin or Dubfire sorry no laptops here, ha! They are here to stay with many big name artists using them. I can see why some people are against them, when DJs focus on the laptop more than the crowd. But the pros use them and use them right so. If you’re using one use it right and keep your focus on the crowd


Josh Holiday at the Clubs

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