Mark Newport

Mark Newport (Marco Neutzner, Nordhausen, Germany), born in 1983, is a German based radio – DJ and Producer.

DJ Mark Newport

Mark Newport /Nordhausen /Germany

His parents enjoyed to put him in front of the radio speakers, and he was infected by 1980s electro-pop and new wave. From the age of eight years he began to record weekly DJ radio shows (hr3 Clubnight, BFBS Experience) and came in touch with early techno and trance music. It was the dramatic death of Torsten Fenslau that caused Mark to take up producing also.

Mark’s parents purchased him a keyboard and he commenced his first steps into tape recording. Only a few years later, he attended the radio DJ contest “MDR Spuntik” where his mixing abilities were quickly noticed and he came second place in the people’s vote. With the start of the radio station OKN100.4 in 2000 he secured his own weekly radio show “radioaktiv”. In these years he spins at some local clubs and studios.

After a live experience, he was influenced by Greek DJs and find the love in deep, progressive, emotive house & dance music. Shortly he celebrating his first release on Kindred Recordings.

With start of his show Nitegrooves in 2003 he share his own definition of good electronic dance music.

Mark Newport has experience with the following radio stations:

  • OSradio
  • MDR Sputnik
  • Radio Top40
  • Radio ENNO
  • Stadtradio Göttingen
  • Wartburgradio

Mark Newport on Youtube with Nite Grooves

Mark Newport maintains a highly successful YouTube channel, NiteGrooves, which we strongly suggest you check out.

Quoting Mark:

“nitegrooves mix is a blend of melodic deep house, deep tech house & progressive house music”

Mark’s sets 0n YouTube simply never fail to deliver quality. Some of the best melodic deep house we have had the pleasure to listen to. With one of his YouTube mixes having over 600,000 plays, his success speaks for itself!



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