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Glenn Cooper aka Fictitious is a DJ from Tenerife, Spain.

The founder of Strictly House, Glenn Cooper (deepGC) is a 33 year old House DJ from Tenerife, Spain.

The story behind Glenn Cooper is like many others, and it started at the young age of 16. With close peers, dance music quickly set the scene and he had become fascinated with electronic dance music. Ministry of Sound / Gatecrasher / Euphoria were the go-to brands as he chased the wide varying styles of upfront EDM. However, things were due to become much more underground..

It all began with the Technics 1210s

In 2000, 17 years old, this passion for dance music was the catalyst of probably the most craziest step in his musical career. Whilst working as an accounting apprentice for a reputable firm in Sunderland. Glenn Cooper had passed a second hand store and noticed two Technics 1210 turntables sitting pretty in the window. Thinking they would “look nice in his bedroom”, he decided to snap them up for a tidy price of £200. The funny part was the simple fact that he did not realise a mixer was required. As young as he was, he was “aware” that one channel had to be transitioned from one channel to another. Until this point, a mixer was new technology to him.

The beautiful 1210s

Marching back to the same store the next day, he duly enquired into available said devices. Subsequently purchasing the available Citronic Predator pictured below. This was a beloved device that withheld the test of time, and unfortunately was later stolen during a household burglary.

Citronic Predator Mixer

From this point his passion of dance music grew exponentially. With the new ability of being able to mix his favourite music from vinyl (a physical tangible media!) to curate his own sets was overwhelming. But yet, he had not discovered the empowering arena of underground house.

Shindig / Newcastle

Liaising with other dance music fans at the time, an opportunity had arose with good friends to see Kings of Tomorrow / Sandy Rivera (Defected Records) at Shindig, Newcastle (UK). Defected was a label of particular interest to Glenn with recent releases such as Paul Johnson – Get Get Down, the infamous Masters At Work – To Be In Love, as well as other classic house tracks. From the warm-up bar Stereo to the great Shindig, the experience was life changing. It would be safe to say that this was the point when house music was physically hard wired into his soul.

The addiction to house music grew and Shindig attendances soon become a regularity and involved maestros of house. Including Pete Tong, Eric Morillo, Seamus Haji, Martin Solveig and many others. Specific credit is directed to the original Shindig residents Scott Bradford / Scooby.

Pressure Radio

From this love of house music, Glenn’s attention was then brought to Pressure Radio by a fellow DJ associate. Pressure Radio is an online Internet radio station specialising in soulful and deep house. Being involved in a dedicated group of DJs and artists, Glenn’s passion further flourished.


The story is similar for the next few years as he joined another Internet radio station, Static HQ. As a “passive” DJ it wasn’t until 2014 when his hunger for house music got even more stronger. In particular he wanted to take things to the next level which involved him being made a manager of the station. Quite quickly it was established that StaticHQ was not for Glenn Cooper and vice versa and the relationship broke down. It was proposed with Cato Lindberget (a close DJ friend gathered from StaticHQ), that 247HouseRadio was to be formed.

247HouseRadio /

247HouseRadio was undoubtedly a huge learning curve in Glenn Cooper’s musical career. It wasn’t just a case about music anymore. It involved DJ management, web development, musical marketing, networking and many other aspects. Despite 247HouseRadio being set up as a non profit making entity requiring much capital (especially sweat capital), the experienced gained was invaluable to his future.

Glenn Cooper - 247House

Due to other work commitments and general lack of time, it the brand of 247House had slipped behind, and it was thought that the strength of the brand had been lost. A rebranding was in order, Strictly House was about to be born.

Strictly House

On the 1st June, 247House was rebranded to Strictly House. Featuring a new website that suited it’s purpose full of features across the board.



Tax Rebates for DJs and Musicians

As well as a DJ, Glenn Cooper is also an accountant and Tax advisor. Combining his knowledge of the music industry together with his financial background, was founded in 2015, but then developed into QuickRebates. This is a service specifically for DJs, musicians, artists and record labels. Essentially it involves claiming Income Tax back from HM Revenue & Customs where the individuals have invested thousands into their studio equipment.


Gigs over the years gone by have included the Linekers Franchise, various bars and clubs in the sunny North East of England, as well as Tenerife.

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